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I was born in the Year of the Transformers in Shanghai. I grew up on a diet of rice and communist propaganda, some of which, despite my best efforts, I can still recall.

After arriving in Australia, I attended Fort Street High School and the University of Sydney, where I received a University Medal in 2006 and where I am now studying law.

My interests include Australian and comparative constitutional law, architecture, statistics, history, and food. In my spare time (read: when I should be doing my readings), I like to read, swim, draw, and mess around with this website. I used to edit Wikipedia quite a lot, but recently stopped doing that.

My favourite authors include Bill Bryson, Bernard Cornwell, Terry Pratchett, and Yu Qiuyu. My favourite movies of all time include the Shawshank Redemption, the Lion King, Am└lie, A Beautiful Mind, and pretty much anything by Stanley Kubrick or Hayao Miyazaki. My favourite TV shows include the Transformers, Iron Chef, the Simpsons, Top Gear, and CCTV 10's Exploration and Discovery.

I used to rant a lot on my website in my more youthful and foolish days. I don't do much of that anymore — though I still write from time to time about my pet peeves, such as CityRail.

My current -ing list (03/06/2007)


Pole to Pole - Michael Palin


Pirates 3 (next week)


Chestnut pancakes from Chinatown... yum


My new monochrome colour scheme!


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Sydney Harbour Bridge 75th Anniversary: 18 Mar 2007


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